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A New Dimension in Guest Experiences

First Resorts is one of the world's largest resort management Companies and manages over 50 holiday destinations throughout South Africa. First Resorts has introduced a new dimension in guest experiences, intended specifically to indulge all the senses of guests visiting any Resort. Stuart Lamont, Chairman of the Group says, “Essentially, the highly researched programme is based upon creating and retaining great memories and experiences by engaging the various senses including touchable finishes, therapeutic aromas, scintillating tastes, heart warming music and soothing sounds, amongst many others.”

Resort Management

First Resorts Management is a dynamic company, passionate about providing the highest levels of Service Excellence to property developers, clubs, resorts and hotels. As Managing Agents for over 55 resorts throughout the country, we are proud of the thousands of members' and guests' lives we touch every year through our management of properties which they frequent.

Putting Guests First

First Resorts is committed to delivering a complete holiday experience to all guests, regardless of demographic, personal preference or interest. We go to extraordinary lengths to enhance every facet of your stay at the resorts we manage. First Resorts continuously aims to exceed expectations by introducing novel and exciting activities and excursions to improve your holiday experience.

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